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Machine tools are known as “Mother Machines” since they are used to make other machines that produce virtually everything we use in our daily life. Accordingly, machine tools have a very important role to support the basis of manufacturing industries all over the world. As a machine tool manufacturer, Yamazaki Mazak’s mission is to enrich our daily life by developing machine tools that can produce high precision components with reduced in-process time.

We have developed unique products that realize unsurpassed productivity and established 79 Technology and Technical Centers all over the world to provide total solutions and optimum service support close to customers.

Additionally, we began machine tool production in foreign countries much earlier than other Japanese machine tool manufacturers - starting in 1974 with the manufacturing plant in the U.S, we have established manufacturing plants in the U.K, Singapore, and China. We are the only machine tool manufacturer that has established a global production base. By utilizing the local manufacturing plants and global support bases, we have provided enhanced service and support and established strong relationships with our customers.

We will continue to support manufacturing industries that make products to enrich our daily lives and be your partner for innovation as the number 1 machine tool manufacturer.

Tomohisa Yamazaki

Website: english.mazak.jp