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The Company History1930 The E.G. Lüdecke company is founded in Leipzig by engineer Emil Georg Lüdecke with his breakthrough invention of the nowadays, worldwide used claw coupling systems for compressed air. A simple but brilliant principle of a universal quick coupling system to connect various types of fittings through symmetrical coupling heads. A simple turn of 45° would interlock them.

sunpower1943 The company in Leipzig was completely destroyed by a bomb attack. The family Lüdecke fled to Amberg and there, once again, challenged a new start in 1949. The initially small run production grew very quickly, especially due to an already large share of exports back then. The result was the building of the first factory in 1958, which would soon be too small to handle the capacity and therefore…

1969 A new factory would be inaugurated, in which currently, with a further six building extensions, is where Lüdecke produces and distributes its complete product range today.

1986 Erwin Bogner, Managing Director and part owner since 1955, took total control of the company and continued to run it as a family business.

1995 Part of a company split, the Lüdecke Armaturen GmbH was founded, which is responsible for the operative business today.Now, the production programme consists of more than 20.000 items, with approximately 200 shipments per day to 120 countries all over the world.

We are the coupling systems Partner for various industries, media, and pressure and temperature areas, for a variety of applications whether as a standard or a special production.