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Valve Servicing

Valve Servicing

Overhaul, Repair and Upgrade all types of valves and actuators. Facilities to pressure test valves in Liquid and Gas using best in the industry Ventil Test Bench. As well as the standard API & EN hydrostatic and pneumatic valve leak testing, we can offer the most advanced testing to meet the severest of applications and customer specifications. We also provide on-site pressure testing, functional testing of automated valves and retest and calibration of pressure relief valves.

Industrial Valve Repair – In Shop

Our in-shop repair capabilities include the repair of virtually all types and sizes of gate, globe, check & ball valves. Large machine tools, 5-ton overhead cranes and the large capacity valve testing machines in the valve service industry, enable us to easily repair and re-test large and high pressure valves. A vertically integrated shop environment allows us to routinely perform operations that other valve service companies have to out-source. In-house capabilities mean the job is performed quickly and in a cost effective manner.

Industrial Valve Repair – Off Site – Field Service

SunPower employs experienced field service technicians that can diagnose and repair valve and actuator-related problems in gate, globe, check and ball valves. Critical service and pressure-seal valves are a specialty of our field service department. If new parts cannot be procured through our OEM alliances, our shop can reproduce the parts and provide them to the field in an expedited manner.

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