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Hydraulic Flushing

Hydraulic Flushing

At SunPower, we perform the installation of hydraulic piping systems.

An important procedure before handing over newly installed hydraulic piping system is the flushing operations. This is the cleaning of the hydraulic pipe installation with special chemicals and oil after the completion of the hydraulic piping installation and mounting, before the commissioning of the system.

We also provide flushing services for systems in use. This is a highly recommended preventive maintenance service to ensure complete uptime of the system. Over a period of use it is inevitable that contamination will enter the system even with the preventive filtration in place. Periodic flushing of the entire system can be done during planned maintenance shut downs.


Chemical Cleaning and Hot Oil Flushing

Chemical Cleaning? is performed according to guidelines from API, ASTM, ISO, etc. The cleaning sequence is divided into five phases:

Phase I - Alkaline Degreasing and Pickling?

Phase II - Pickling?

Phase III - Neutralizing?

Phase IV - Preservation (corrosive steel)?

Phase V - Drying?

We verify proper chemical cleaning with one or more of the following methods:

  • pH analyses
  • Temperature
  • Volume of chemicals in each phase
  • Flow rate

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